The Graduate’s Lament

“If only I could have my life back.”
-college graduate (a southwestern state university) class of 2007

This has become the lament of increasing numbers of college graduates every  year. They graduate with a degree and the burden of student loans. There is nothing else.  There are no jobs, and for years there never were.  There is no way to pay their loans, and collection agencies are on their case day and night.

And they will not get any help from the government when the time comes to pay back their student loans. Remember this quote from the…

Department of Education’s website:

“Students bear responsibility for examining before they enroll whether a school offers training that meets their academic and vocational needs.”

In other words, no matter how bad our higher educational system is, and how bad it has failed you, don’t even think of suing the government for giving you a student loan when you have no job and you can’t pay the loans back.

This website,, will demonstrate that it is the higher education system that has gone wrong.  Professor Roberts will provide illumination and expose the rotten core of an industry so self-serving that it ignores the needs of the one person it cannot live without-the student. He declares that college bound high school students must STOP, THINK and PLAN a college strategy before they select a college.

I Can Help

I am Professor Roberts. In this website and in my book I will propose a college strategy that will provide a solid foundation for making the all-important college decision as well as an action plan for existing college students to “turn the college around.”

My experience lies in the corporate sector where I have hired and trained hundreds of college graduates and in universities where I have taught almost 1,000 students. I have taken the perspective of the four-year college experience unlike anyone else.

How To Use This Website

This Website has two major emphasis:

1.  The book: I will try to give you insight into the recent book “Colleges Behind Closed Doors” that I have written. I will give you chapter synopsis and various summaries of the book including table of contents to help you understand the information and how it will help you in your college search. It will also help college students understand how information and strategizing can help keep you from making mistakes you can only know about after you graduate. Unfortunately then it is too late.

2.  Problems and issues: We will provide real time information designed to help you deal with and avoid issues you are facing on campus today as well as provide up to date information for all those who are involved in a college search today. Our blog will capture your thoughts and inspiration. In the meantime I would welcome any comments you have. You can submit them at our “contact us” page. Due to increasing volume I cannot promise a response, but can assure you I will read your comment.

My Suggested Approach is to use the links at the left to give an overview of the site. Click and go where you want. The most important thing is to learn from the insight. And remember this: I have no axe to grind. What is written here is for you. Just understand that a college is a business. It needs to survive as all businesses do. It will tell you what it wants you to hear in order to get you to attend the university.

Professor Roberts, Author

Throughout this website we will be discussing the plight of the college student. Much of what we say here will be a result of my experience with college students as an executive in the financial services industry and my years teaching in colleges and universities. You will also find much of this same insight and much more in the book I have just recently published “Colleges Behind Closed Doors: What You Need To Know Long Before You Go.”

Our website will do two things:

1. Give college students the opportunity to identify those things that are going wrong in college today. We will concentrate on those things that have the greatest impact on your ability to achieve a positive return on your investment of money, time, and effort in college.

2. Help all of those people who are considering college as essential for their career. They include middle and high school students contemplating full-time college attendance. They also include individuals in industry contemplating career growth as well as existing college students who are thinking of transferring.

An important note:

I will never recommend to anyone not to attend college. What I advocate is that you must fully understand what you are doing. You must have full access to all necessary facts of the college “experience” and you must attend college with your eyes wide open.

I have written my book and will continue to give valuable information your college will never give you so that you can never say the quote I have heard so many times in the past:

“If only someone would have told me.”

Know this website well, read my book and consider yourself told.