About the Professor

Who is Professor Roberts?

Professor Roberts is a student advocate. As such he stands side by side with the students of colleges and universities. Professor Roberts has been a witness to the consequences of the higher educational system from three different sides of the industry: the student, the university and the corporate user of the graduated talent.

He spent much of his professional career as a senior executive and consultant for the financial services industry. Professor Roberts has hired and replaced hundreds of employees, most of whom were college students, for short-term internship positions or longer-term positions directly out of college. He was also an executive member of college recruiting and mentoring programs.

During this time he noticed that a large percentage of students lacked some of the most basic core skills such as reading, comprehension and writing. His interest in higher education and overall curiosity led him to start a sweeping investigation of which this site is part.

He began teaching as an adjunct professor of economics and management and taught over 1000 students at several universities for over 6 years, earning the top recognition award for faculty teaching excellence. He also participated in the accrediting process of a university that applied for and eventually received accreditation from what he calls a “boutique” agency. This experience gave him initial keen insight into the world of accrediting agencies that plays such a crucial part in his investigation. He became so involved and interested in the issues of the university that at one point he taught four courses at two universities, a significantly greater workload than most full-time professors.

He visited other colleges where he spoke to many other students and discussed college experiences with them. What he found in his discussions and observations would stun and surprise the most perceptive of high school and college students and parents.

His immersion in the college system and his experience with college graduates makes him a foremost authority for his “no holds barred” reviews and pithy comments regarding a system so self-serving as to ignore and neglect the customer that feeds it. He knows where blame lies. And he picks up the banner for the students speaking for them, noting the injustices they have experienced at the hands of faculty, administration executives, and accrediting agencies throughout the nation.

Professor John Roberts is a College Student Advocate.

He is, also, a well known Teacher and Speaker.  His student accolades that have been posted online and submitted directly to him are quite impressive.

And, if you haven’t heard, he has authored a book about the broken higher education industry.  Yes, Industry! “Colleges Behind Closed Doors: What you need to know LONG before you go”

If you want more information bookmark his blog page or submit one of his contact forms. There is more free information on this site via his Ezine.com Articles links.