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Professor Roberts is a student advocate. As such he stands side by side with the students of colleges and universities. His purpose is to expose the hypocrisy of the higher educational system and provide illumination to high school students intending on going to college and college students who have just begun to understand the fallacy of the higher educational system.

This website was originally commenced at the request of professional associates, family, friends and students who asked Professor Roberts to share his knowledge of economics and trading techniques with which he has had so much success.  At this time, however, we are concentrating all of our efforts at getting much needed vocational information to university students.  We are going to spend a considerable amount of time talking to students and conducting surveys to finish research we have been busy on for some time.  This will be our focus.

Professor Roberts has spent most of his professional career as a consultant and an executive in the financial services industry working for money center banks and as an assistant professor of economics at major accredited universities. As such, he has instructed, managed, hired, replaced and mentored thousands of college graduates. He has interviewed hundreds of students in preparation for both this website and his new book “Colleges Behind Closed Doors: Know Long Before You Go.” What he has found in these discussions and observations will stun even the most perceptive of students, parents, and interested spectators.

Over the course of the last year we have traveled to universities to speak to the students who are the “customers” of the university.  The “customer” concept is one which university finds hard to accept.  Unfortunately, because we are paying so much money to these universities, the cost of an education demands that universities treat the students and their financial benefactors in this light.

The on-campus interviews for this quarter have been concluded.

Please note: We will no longer continue to provide economic forecasting. We will no longer provide market trading recommendations. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we have found that we can no longer effectively split our efforts between both the requirements of the trading community we have served and the needs of the students.

Professor Roberts, Editor, ProfessorRoberts.Com

Author, Colleges Behind Closed Doors: Know Long Before You Go

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PROFESSOR ROBERTS – Economist and Student Advocate

Our discussions will focus on the students and the people who monetarily support their education.  We will analyze whether the university in general and the faculty in particular are serving their needs.  We will also be looking at the cost of studies and the value of the education/degree relative to this cost.

A primary role will be to get the student to focus on his or her preparedness for the job market.  This is an aspect that may be lacking in some universities.

The reality of the situation is that there are relatively few jobs available and students need a significant amount of help to deal with their career and vocational requirements.  Students must pay, in most cases, in excess of $160,000 for a four year education at a private university.  The lack of a professional career means that many of them will think there is no choice other than to attain another advanced degree and spend more money in hopes that there will be jobs waiting for them at the end of their graduate studies.  But, in fact, there will be no more job opportunities after spending so much more time (and money) for a Masters (or any other) degree.

After they have spent more money on an advanced degree the graduate will find that there is still little opportunity for a professional career. And then there are the student loans that will have to be paid back. With no job, payment will be difficult. Collection agencies will be contacting you by phone at all hours of the day and night. Bankruptcy will be no solution as student loans are never dis-chargeable. Our political representatives have their pockets lined by the PAC money of these organizations.

The loans, the collection agencies, and bad credit history (don’t even think of trying to get a house mortgage while you are going through this) will be with you for life. It is difficult, almost impossible, to get out from under the weight of student loans.  But it is not too late. You need to focus on what you need to do now to prevent this.

What is most important now is that you understand that what I have said here is true and is happening to students and graduates every day. Over the next several months we will explore and dissect the problems, the issues and the solutions.

A small number of Ivy League or top tier colleges provide an outstanding education and a return on a student’s investment. We, however, will expose the second-tier college experience for what it is: an almost non-existent “education” and an investment in a student’s future so lacking as to be a waste of money. The professor explains how this all came to be. He explains where the power and the waste are. He takes the high school students and their parents into the classroom to expose the fraud of the higher education system.