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Student Advocate

Professor Roberts has been a witness to the consequences of the higher educational system from three different sides of the industry: the student, the university and the corporate user of the graduated talent. He spent most of his professional career as an executive with the largest money center bank and became Director of Consumer Banking for one of the nation’s largest savings institutions. He also served as a consultant for the financial services industry. He was an executive member of the banks’ college recruiting and mentoring programs.


He began teaching as an adjunct professor of economics and management and taught almost 1000 students at several universities for over 6 years, earning the top recognition award for faculty teaching excellence. Check out his student accolades page. He has hosted seminars about this topic and is available to come to your school, student counselor events or your community outreach programs to share the best way to get a college education today without going into debt. He has also conducted work sessions with many students and may do so again, especially for students already enrolled in the higher education industry.


He is the author of the book “Colleges Behind Closed Doors” and has conducted personal interviews with hundreds of students.  He he became so familiar with the injustices they have received at the hands of faculty, administration executives, and accrediting agencies throughout the nation that he wrote the “whistle blower” book that provides help for future college students and those already attending.



My name is Professor Roberts and just by the fact that you have reached this website, means that you have already heard about me and my mission to demand honest, full disclosure of college and universities. I have spent most of my career in the Financial Services sector.  I have also spent seven years teaching at major Universities.

Your Placement Service Cannot Help You!

Let Me Help You

If you are a school newspaper editor or a member of the student body, you have people who are looking up to you in your leadership position.  Please don’t think like all the other administrators in your college. Realize that there is nothing your professors and administrators can do for you.  But you can help all the students in your school. I periodically do editorials for student newspapers. And I would be very willing to write such an article for your organization.  (I also visit many campuses).  Please let me help.  You have nothing to lose.

I will specifically discuss various topics such as the following:

-The mission of the college: Are you sure that what you want is the same as what the college administrators want?
-Is your college placement services department really working for you?
-Are you getting the education you are paying for?
-Why is it so expensive and is it worth it?
-How do I know a college can give me a return on my money invested in these four years?
-I am a third year student, what can I do at this point?

We are planning on covering many such topics. As we construct the sight more topics important to the students will become available.

My experience is in the real world (as opposed to the “academic” experience of most of your full-time professors).  I will share with you information that will hopefully allow you to, one day, obtain the job you are looking for in your chosen field.  Most of your full-time professors and administrators do not know what to tell you to do.  They have no experience in the real world.  But you have to start preparing now!  There is no time to lose… buy my book or contact me with your questions, clarifications or requests.