My name is Professor Roberts and just by the fact that you have reached this website, means that you have already heard about me and our mission to demand honest, full disclosure of college and universities. I have spent most of my career in the Financial Services sector.  I have also spent seven years teaching at major Universities as a professor of economics at several area colleges and a long-time executive in the financial services industry.

I have spent the last several years writing and speaking to students and their parents to help prepare them for their college decision. Few professors, corporate executives, and students of higher education have seen what I have seen or felt what I have felt.

I urge all high school students and their parents to understand the full implications of the huge investment that a college education requires before they jump in and become part of the “college frenzy.”
My presentations will offer an indispensable process to select and identify a college. I also will examine the financial implications of the decision and how it can impact the students and their parents now and for the rest of their lives.

The following topics and hot points will be covered:

  • The college frenzy and why you must separate yourself from it at all costs
  • Approaching college as an investment
  • Colleges are businesses and they need your money
  • Parents must provide their guidance and children must listen
  • What you need to understand about the existing college structure
  • Identifying a top-tier university (by your own definition) that will fulfill your needs
  • Getting your money’s worth
  • How to get your education: consider all alternatives
  • Developing a strategy
  • Follow the process and make your decision

I am willing to give presentations at parent teacher association meetings, high school assemblies, school counselor events, churches, libraries, other community service locations and just about anywhere I can help educate and counsel students and their parents/guardians about this topic.


Your College/University Placement Service Cannot Help You!

If you are a school newspaper editor or a member of the student body, you have people who are looking up to you in your leadership position.  Please don’t think like all the other administrators in your college. Realize that there is nothing your professors and administrators can do for you.  But you can help all the members of your organization by letting me speak to all of you here on this website (I also visit many campuses).  Please let me help.  You have nothing to lose.

I will specifically talk to you and your student associates through this website and on some campuses on various topics such as the following:

  • Is your college placement services department really working for you?
  • I am ready to graduate and I don’t have a job, what can I do at this point
  • How can I get a job when corporate recruiters all want experience?
  • The mission of the college: Are you sure that what you want is the same as what the college administrators want?
  • Why is it so expensive and are you getting the education you are paying for?
  • How can I pay back my student loans and make a life for myself when I can’t get a professional level job?

We are planning on covering many such topics. As we construct the sight more topics important to the students will become available.

My experience is in the real world (as opposed to the “academic” experience of most of your full-time professors).  I will share with you information that will hopefully allow you to, one day, obtain the job you are looking for in your chosen field.  Most of your full-time professors and administrators do not know what to tell you to do.  They have no experience in the real world.  But you have to start preparing now!  There is no time to lose.

I have conducted work sessions with many students. While the bulk of my research is completed, I still on occasion will speak with groups of students on college (unless the administration has already banned my presence).  My services require no monetary payment.  All I ask as consideration for my time will be that your group members discuss with me “the good and the bad” of your four year college experience.  

The amount of time we take is up to you.  Generally I can use the time we discuss to get an excellent idea of your group’s opinions on the topic.  The discussion will cover one or more of these areas:

  • Internships and professional placement
  • The classroom experience
  • Measuring the return for your dollars and your time spent

I can help you.  I can guarantee you that it will be time well spent.  If you wish to contact me please contact me via my Speaker Request Form.

Another possible topic for Students already attending college: Life AFTER the University.

These seminars will discuss life after the university-what to expect and what you should ask
of your university.  Hopefully, your university will allow me to talk and/or write about the
issues mentioned below.

I am in the process of assembling a significant amount of research that concerns the
present condition as well as the future of collegiate education across the nation.  Therefore,
in these meetings I ask that you provide me with truthful and sincere opinions and
information.  There is much that you have seen and much you can tell us.

Seminar Rules – Sorry, but I have a few rules:

  • These seminars are for students only.  We will have open and honest discussions
    regarding job procurement that cannot and will not be shared with your professors.  I will tell
    you why in the seminar.
  • The same rules that apply to the faculty apply to everyone in administration.  The only
    exceptions are students who are working part time for the University in an administrative
  • What is discussed here stays here!  If you take the information that we discuss in the
    seminar to the streets, the value of the information will become significantly less effective.
  • If I am conducting a seminar for your staff (such as student government or student
    newspaper), it would be good if you would also open this part of you meeting for any other
    students who might want to attend.
  • All students who attend may be asked to fill out a confidential survey.

If you are interested in the possibility of getting Professor Roberts to speak at your college, university, student union, or other on or off campus gathering of students already attending college; please fill out the Speakers Request Form.