Student Testimonials

Professor Roberts has taught Economics and Management for over 6 years, earning the Teacher’s Excellence award in 2006 from one of the largest Big East universities.

Here are some comments from student evaluations at many of the universities and colleges where Professor Roberts taught. The University names are not included so as not to bias the reader against specific universities since the hundreds of students/graduates he interviewed formed the basis of the conclusions in his book. So please understand his book does not refer to any single institution, but his overall experience and knowledge of the higher educational system. In short these are only included as a testament to his commitment to the student and his dedication to his cause of bettering the educational industry as a whole.  These are the actual words written from evaluations students signed.  They are, of course, referring to his teaching abilities in the courses they took (the names of the courses follow each set of initials).

“Wonderful professor which is less and less the experience at this educational institution.”

J T – Managing Human Resources

“I’ve learned more than I ever did in High School, much more.”

P A – Principles of Economics

“He’s a great instructor who cares about the class. He’s a great prof! (and the best I’ve had so far here at [name of university].”

M K – Economic History

“Exceeded my expectations [of meeting objectives].”

J P – Economic History

“The course went above and beyond expectations.” “Prof.  Roberts is a great instructor. One of the best I have had at the university. Any student who takes him has only to come to class to realize how valuable is the knowledge he offers.”

D B – Personnel Adm.

“I am very satisfied and think that every class should be taught and handled in the same manner as Professor Roberts.”

J L – Economic History

“Great Professor…Great teacher”

M G – Money and Banking

“I’ve learned more about financial markets in this one class than I’ve learned in all of my prior Business/Eco/Finance classes combined.” “…this has to be the best and most informative class I’ve ever taken.”

J R – Money and Banking

“This is the first professor to break it down into understandable terms and make sure we thoroughly understood it.”   “At first his enthusiasm was scary, but it encouraged me to learn.”

K L – Money and Banking

“One of the most enjoyable professors I’ve had.”

B L – Money and Banking

“He is a great professor who is greatly concerned about his students.”

S S – Money and Banking

“He is a great teacher.”

D P – Macroeconomics

“Professor Roberts is a great teacher.”

A K – Macroeconomics

“Most certainly, Professor Roberts besides being a great teacher, shows exceptional compassion, and genuine concern for all of his students.” “I wish I could have had this teacher again.”

C H – Macroeconomics

“The way he teaches is excellent. The best professor I have had to date”

unsigned – Public Finance – Third year

“He was awesome.”

D W – Public Finance – Second Year

“He is the best professor…he is a really good instructor.”

S K – Public Finance – First Year

“Very knowledgeable professor…he helped me with another economic class I was taking…I would take another class with Professor Roberts.”

C N – Microeconomics – First Year

The following are from students who were given private computer generated forms with no signatures:

(these forms are archived and verifiable)


“The best professor ever!! [name of university] should keep him!”

“Excellent Professor!! Nothing beats him!”

“Great course, great professor, should become full-time faculty. Very knowledgeable in subject matter.”

“Excellent professor…knowledgeable, interesting.”

“He is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. I wish all my other professors were like him. Absolutely fantastic!!!”

“Professor Roberts would make great [full-time] addition to the business/economics dept. An amazing class.”

“Absolutely fantastic! A Keeper!”

“Great Professor”

“He’s excellent I love his class and wish he taught more classes at [name of university]”

“Instructor has a great understanding of this subject.”

“With his enthusiasm, he made you want to learn.”

“Mr. Roberts is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He wants students to do well and does his very best to teach things as clearly as possible.”

For more online accolades, feel free to check out Professor Roberts on  Top rating is 5 and he has it!