Does it matter which college you attend? Do you know what a top-tier university is and how to identify one? Do you have a strategy in place to make your college decision? Is college right for you? Will you get your money’s worth? Should you go full-time or part-time? Can you expect to get a job and have a career after you graduate?


Either way, Professor Roberts is one of a small number of people who can give unbiased answers to all of these questions. As an executive in the financial services industry and as an assistant professor of economics, he has instructed, managed, hired, replaced and mentored thousands of college graduates. He has interviewed hundreds of students in preparation for this book. What he has found in these discussions and observations will stun even the most perceptive of students, parents, and interested spectators.


Most of the students who attend college in America today are receiving little return on their money and time spent. Professor Roberts urges all students and their parents to consider this huge investment and understand the implications of their decision before jumping in.  Before making your college decision you must start with this compelling book, and each and every person who has any interest in higher education must heed its message.

Book Testimonials:

Parents who want to send their children to colleges must read!  By Jie Jiang via

I highly recommend to the parents and their children who want to get college educated and be able to find jobs after they graduate to read this book.

Excerpt of an review of the book.

A Must Read for All Parents of College-Bound Students, By coll24 “melvin” via

This review is for Norm who I recommended this well-written, hard-hitting book over another on the same “Higher Education” topic (another Amazon post). But I need to say upfront that I hate putting things on the internet because you can get attacked verbally by other people.

It is the first book I have read that doesn’t read like some elitist ramblings. The author gives first class guidance and counsel. He backs up his points with stats and historical references although it’s a fairly easy read and you will probably find that you don’t want to put it down. It’s about 250 pages but reads fast for people who don’t have a lot of time. For a non fiction book its a real page turner even if you only believe half the stuff in it (but the author presents a strong case and I am a believer).

He sees the students more like lambs who are about to be fleeced for their tuition and fee money (I found his college cost estimates to be unrealistically low) while receiving nothing in return.

But, the author also gives advice to parents and students who are trying to figure out how to go about picking a college. He gives a good well-meaning approach (although I am not in total agreement that Ivy Leagues give value and that this discussion does not apply to them and several other top schools).

This “Professor Roberts” obviously possesses very in-depth knowledge that could only be attained by working on the inside and closely with students and professors willing to share personal information without fear of retribution. He (or she-no first name or picture) looks at four years of college as an investment – not how to change education but how to change the end result (starting a career for most) for your son or daughter. He tells you what is important (eg. specifics of career placement, money, etc.) and gives a way for you to tell whether a college is right for your child and what to avoid. It is well written, well organized and worth the price considering you may be spending $200,000 on college. I would strongly suggest that, before you look at any colleges, read this book first.


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