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Introduction to the Professor’s Questions and Answers lists.

Over the years, during his research, and especially since Professor Roberts published his book he has been able to find answers to many of the questions posed by students in college, students looking to enroll in college, student counselors, parents and guardians of students. Originally he grouped some of the most common questions and pertinent information together: FAQs for Making the Decision (pre-college students), FAQs for College Students, No Loan Colleges Information, Campus Visit Preparation, The 10 Commandments for Your College Search, and FAQs for Site Visitors (an explanation of the best use of his website in true Professor Roberts style).

Professor Roberts has also written a number of articles on this subject, which you can find listed below.  For quicker access, you can always see a list of the most popular and new questions/topics posted in the right sidebar; click a question/topic to be taken to the answer/article.  Feel free to peruse the list, which is found on each page of this website.  If you see a question you want Professor Roberts to answer, just click on it.

Even though his book, “Colleges Behind Closed Doors-Know (Long) Before You Go,” encapsulates all of what Professor Roberts finds necessary to get the degree you need and can afford, and more; he feels he can do more for the readers.  As an economics and management teacher, and because of his extensive experience in the education industry, with the corporate world, and having counseled many students already he feels an on-going blog will benefit those who read his book.  This new blog will be on this website.  Please bookmark it, or sign up for the RSS feed to keep updated on his latest postings.

This by no means is a complete list of all the possible questions or problems parents and students have today in achieving a college degree that does what it should: get the graduate a better paying job.  So at the end of each of the FAQ pages, or any of the topics listed to the right, you will find a Contact form.  Please use this to ask a question or get clarification about the topic, or feel free to go to our contact us page to submit a whole new question/problem.  Professor Roberts does his best to answer all submissions in a timely manner, but understand that: 1) his book “Colleges Behind Closed Doors-Know (Long) Before You Go” delves much more into all of the questions/topics found on this website, so purchasing it may be the best choice for you; 2) since Professor Roberts is still teaching and speaking, he cannot devote full time to answering emails so some response time may be long.  Please understand that above all Professor Roberts is more committed to helping students than selling his book, even though as book sales increase he may be able to spend more time on responses and updating this website.

To reach even more people with his informative and cost saving advice and knowledge he has posted a number of articles on Ezine.com, making him a Platinum Level Expert Author on College/Universities and Financial Aid.  To read a synopsis of each of his articles and find links for his Ezine.com articles check out this page.