How do I pay back my student loans and start a career?

This is nuts. Professor Roberts, do you realize that I have student loans to pay back? Do you realize that I want to start a life for myself? How can I do this when I am earning a salary at a clerical level?

Professor Roberts:

I understand and feel your pain. This may be the hardest time you will ever experience. You were sold a bill of goods by our higher education system. You took out students loans and for four years basked in the so-called college experience. If you have student loans you are in the worst possible position. And now it’s time to pay the piper. You will need to focus on three things: Surviving these hard times, paying back your loans (note: student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy) and trying to get started in a career. You realize now that you actually could have started this by going to college part-time or first to a community college (a subject for another discussion). You’re going to have to work your ass off. Forget about making a life for yourself. This is survival.

You may have to get two jobs just to support yourself and pay your loans. Just remember to keep making contacts and working hard. It just might pay off. I often advise graduates who have less financial stress and little in student loan dollars to pay back, to keep themselves in play in the industry they desire. This can be done by volunteering your services to friends and associates in the industry who you can help by preparing textual presentations and performing other services for people who can help give you a referral. And don’t forget to keep copies (create a portfolio) of the work you do to show prospective employers.

I can guarantee you one thing: if you don’t work hard and if you don’t make contacts nothing will happen.

I am sorry but this is the way things are. Change will not occur anytime soon unless students begin to demand it.

A Final Word

Please don’t forget that for every day you attend college, for every day you have not paid interest on student loans, that interest (for most private and even some government loans) will be added to the principle of your debt. And it will grow and grow until in many cases, the interest added to your loan may even exceed the amount of the original principle.

No matter what you do just remember that almost all of the students graduating from non top-tier schools (99%+ of all colleges) are experiencing the same problems you are. You have done nothing wrong other than to believe the empty promises of a system so dependent on your tuition and fee-based dollars that they will say anything to get you to attend their school.


My name is Professor Roberts and just by the fact that you have reached this website, means that you have already heard about me and my mission to demand honest, full disclosure of college and universities. I have spent most of my career in the Financial Services sector. I have also spent seven years teaching at major Universities.

Your Placement Service Cannot Help You!

If you are a school newspaper editor or a member of the student body, you have people who are looking up to you in your leadership position. Please don’t think like all the other administrators in your college. Realize that there is nothing your professors and administrators can do for you. But you can help all the students in your school. I periodically do editorials for student newspapers. And I would be very willing to write such an article for your organization. (I also visit many campuses). Please let me help. You have nothing to lose.

I will specifically discuss various topics such as the following:

-The mission of the college: Are you sure that what you want is the same as what the college administrators want?
-Is your college placement services department really working for you?
-Are you getting the education you are paying for?
-Why is it so expensive and is it worth it?
-How do I know a college can give me a return on my money invested in these four years?
-I am a third year student, what can I do at this point?

We are planning on covering many such topics. As we construct the sight more topics important to the students will become available.

My experience is in the real world (as opposed to the “academic” experience of most of your full-time professors). I will share with you information that will hopefully allow you to, one day, obtain the job you are looking for in your chosen field. Most of your full-time professors and administrators do not know what to tell you to do. They have no experience in the real world. But you have to start preparing now! There is no time to lose.

Professor Roberts I have a Question.

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