So how do I graduate without taking out student loans?

I just don’t see how it is possible to graduate without undertaking some form of debt. I really want a degree. How can I get it and be free of debt payments.

Professor Roberts:

I agree that it is difficult to get a four-year full-time degree without taking on debt. But the penalties related to graduating with debt as I described are devastating.

In my book I discuss several alternatives to debt. Generally, you must either attend a college that offers the opportunity of a low cost education or you must redefine your own approach to getting a degree.

There are about 40 universities across the country that offer no-loan programs. These schools provide grant money (after family contribution based on income) and will require you to join work-study programs. But make no mistake; they are excellent colleges with very competitive acceptance standards. In some cases, I also advise students to consider attending lower cost junior colleges and state schools.

If you cannot find a college that can offer you an affordable education without student loans you may have to make difficult decisions. You may want to attend college part time. You may not be sacrificing as much as you think as the clerical job you undertake may be no different than the job you will get after you have your degree. And there is the opportunity that your employer may help pay for courses that are work-related.

These are some of the opportunities to keep down the cost of your college education.

If you need some clarification, please feel free to contact Professor Roberts directly.

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