Ten Commandments for Your College Search

As an executive in several of the nation’s largest banks and a consultant for the financial services industry, I have directly managed, instructed, hired, trained, and replaced thousands of college students. My particular field required access to graduating students, so I became an executive member of recruiting and mentoring programs for almost ten years. I was a heavy user of the talent of our higher education industry.

As an adjunct professor who taught for over six years in accredited universities (at one point teaching four courses in two schools), my students were the most important component of the educational process. It is this point that forms the cornerstone of Colleges Behind Closed Doors.  My last two years interviewing hundreds of students and graduates, and discussing with them their hopes and disappointments, have brought me to a point of observation that few people have reached. Few professors, bankers, and students of higher education have seen what I have seen or felt what I have felt. What I have found in these discussions and observations will stun even the most perceptive of students, parents, and interested spectators.

I urge high school students and their parents to understand their investment and make the right decision before jumping in.

I urge college students today to begin a process of peaceful change.

And I urge each and every person who has any interest in higher education to take heed.We have been caught up in the college frenzy. When I speak to my associates in industry or talk to parents of graduated students and give them my insight, many often ask: “Why didn’t someone tell us about this before?”

Well, here it comes. Read “Colleges Behind Closed Doors: What You Need To Know (Long) Before You Go” and consider yourself told.

You can buy the book here, it is available in print and Kindle formats.