Selecting a College? Only One Thing Matters!


At a cost of $200,000 (remember your total investment also includes four years of lost
income) only one thing matters. One thing!
Your success after graduation.

Although this message may be discomforting, I have given you more honest information
than all of the recruiting brochures in this country put together. But there is more
information that you need because there is much more that must go into your decision.
You need to know how to make your college decision. If college is in your future you
need to know how to go to college. If you decide to go to a four year college full-time
then you’d better know how to identify a top tier university for your needs.

You need to totally understand all that is going on behind the closed doors of the
university that college administrators and faculty don’t want you to know. You must
make sure that most of it is not going on at the college you plan to attend. College
recruiters and college brochures will not tell you any of this. But you need to know it all
so you can make an informed decision. You need to know the right questions to ask so
you can determine the colleges to avoid. You need to know information that even many
of the students are afraid to tell you.

Do you think cheating is no big deal? I describe the cheating that occurs in the
university, and how it is occurring in massive levels and is almost unrestrained. It turns
out to be the great equalizer between all students. Be careful when you select your school
because the clown in the back just may pull a higher grade than you and that may impact
your ability to land an on-campus job interview (assuming there are any interviews of
substance being conducted).

And speaking of on-campus job interviews, don’t even think of attending a college that
provides little or no help to the graduates through its career placement services
department. And don’t be fooled by bogus job fairs and second rate insincere corporate
recruiting efforts. You must ensure that the college you select has a high rate of
placement of its graduates in professional entry-level positions in their chosen fields.

You need to be able to spot a university that achieves high graduation rates through grade
inflation. Because when everyone graduates, corporations refuse to seriously employ
graduates from those schools. And make no mistake, serious job recruiting no longer
happens at most universities.

You need to know what is going on in universities so you can ask the important
questions. There are so many things you must know about and identify in a university
before you select it. And you need to be able to spot a second tier-university quickly so
you don’t waste too much time looking at garbage.

Finally you need to know what to do and how to do it. You need a strategy. You need a

I can give it to you.