It All Starts With The College Frenzy


I just got accepted to Villanova! Where are you going?

My son just got a $20,000 scholarship to Michigan University-We’re Delirious!

Media Hype-Magazine Rankings-College Hype-Neighbors, Friends

Welcome to the college frenzy. We are sucked into this whirlpool of sensation and excitement perpetuated by an industry that is totally dependent on your dollars for its survival. It is an industry so large that it has been able to garner the support of politicians and media moguls alike. There is so much money involved in your decision to attend college that, quite frankly, it is almost beyond comprehension.

The college frenzy is an emotional place from which you must leave now! Turn your backs on the hype and misinformation. I beg you-I implore you! Make a rational decision when it comes to your college decision. Your first step on the road toward a decision based on practicality and sensibility begins here.

By the time you are done digesting the illuminating information presented on this website, you will make the sensible practical decision that only an informed consumer should make.

And hopefully, when your neighbor tells you that her daughter was just accepted into Notre Dame University, your response will be an informed question, such as “I hear their football team is expected to have an excellent year-but how good is their placement office and what are the chances she will be able to pay her loans back and start a successful career?”

This is no place for an irrational decision.